Do you want to make a difference for animals this Giving Tuesday? Follow these 4 easy actions to help create a future for farmed animals where they are respected and protected!

Giving Tuesday started out as a simple idea: a day to encourage people to do good. Over the years, it has grown into a global movement that has inspired people to support the causes they care most about. 

Whether you make a monetary contribution, volunteer your time, or share a petition on social media, every action you can take on Giving Tuesday (November 29, 2022) will make a big difference for animals.

Why Should I Support Animal Equality?

Farmed animals are some of the most forgotten animals. Right now, mother pigs are confined in tiny crates. They are unable to move or nurture their babies.

Chickens are unable to stand under their unnaturally large weight, as farms genetically breed

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From Animal Equality’s beginnings, we have been dedicated to exposing the suffering of animals inside factory farms through undercover investigations. The meat industry tries to hide animal abuse and cruelty happening on its farms and inside its slaughterhouses. These investigations are the only way to prove what happens behind their walls.

Animal Equality began investigating in 2006 when co-founders Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle, and Javier Moreno were met by cynics during their protests in Spain. Their opposers didn’t want to believe the cruelty they described was happening inside slaughterhouses. So the team set out with a camera to show them the truth.

As an organization, Animal Equality has since conducted over 820 investigations–128 of which were inside slaughterhouses across ten countries. This extensive footage shows the slaughter of many animals–pigs, cows, chickens, lambs, goats, fish, horses, rabbits, ducks, buffalo, turkeys, dogs and doves–most of which suffer significantly in their final

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On Tuesday, October 25, Animal Equality protesters gathered outside of a Bank of America in Austin to demand that they break ties with Compass Group, the food service company that lied to the public when it declared an end to cruel cages for pregnant pigs. About 90% of the pigs it sources and sells still come from pigs locked in a crate so small they cannot turn around.

Compass Group Lied

In July 2022, Animal Equality launched a campaign calling on Compass Group to recommit to banning the use of gestation crates in its supply chain. Instead of fulfilling its 2012 commitment, Compass weakened it again and again and now has no clear path or deadline to stop allowing mother pigs to be locked in crates that are barely bigger than their own bodies.

The campaign, carried out by Animal Equality’s US office, has garnered support in the form of

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