Ways To Prevent Pond Turnover

When a pond experiences rapid turnover, it can cause lead to the death of aquatic life, and an unpleasant fish kill clean-up. Preventing turnover from happening takes a multifaceted approach that begins with construction, if the pond is human-made, and can be aided by aeration, controlling aquatic weeds, and reducing the nutrient load.

Proper Construction

One way to prevent pond turnover is by making sure it is constructed to discourage stratification. Ponds built with the proper ratio of surface water to deep water are less likely to turn over, and when they do, the severity will likely be less. Ponds with more surface area and shallower bottoms tend to turn over less because the lack of cool deep water deters stratification. In contrast, deep ponds with little surface area are more prone to turnover because there is more low oxygen cold water than warm surface water, which can lead to …

Top 5 Most Popular Dogs Breed in the UK

Dogs are loyal, strong, and love to bark. Man has always loved having dogs around majorly because of their ability to guard, protect and attack trespassers or thieves.

Most homes have dogs as pets, and as time goes, they become the official protector and guard around their host’s premises. The first thing a male dog does when it gets to a new environment is to find the scent of another male dog. If it does not find any, it marks the place with its scent through its urine. Don’t be surprised when next you see your new dog peeing in corners around your compound. It is simply marking the territory. Read about dog training companies on Britainreviews.

Labrador Retriever Snags Most Popular Dog Breed Position for the 27th Year  in a Row - The Dogington Post

In the UK, different breeds of dogs are found, from popular ones to not-too-popular ones. Dogs are bred for different reasons. Reasons include but are not limited to fighting, security, racing, aiding …

How can a pet improve the quality of your life?

How Pets Can Improve Your Quality of Life

When you have a pet and depending on the type of pet you have, you can be sure that the quality of your life will be improved. This is considering that there are many things that pets do and many ways that their actions will impact your life and in a positive way. Once you are not bothered about the amount you will be spending to sustain them and they are trained not to mess up the wrong places with their waste products, all of their other activities will be sure to improve your life in various ways.

You can always read online reviews related to pet shops as posted on us-reviews.com to see the pet supplies to get for your pets and where to buy them. Here are some of the ways that a pet can improve the quality of your life.

Friendship and company

One of the major …