Wild Animals In The City Of Houston (2)

Wild AnimalsWe class ‘wild animals’ as these that aren’t usually domesticated. The list is gigantic, starting from badgers to nesting birds, pet snakes and zoo elephants!

Good Morning, oeansnsunsets. Nice to see you this morning! Thanks for studying my Hub on the wildlife in Florida, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Florida is a neat place to live. I’m constantly studying new things about the state. I’d wish to explore the Everglades at some point. This was the first turtle I’d ever seen that seem aggressive; he was by no means afraid of me! Have a wonderful day.

Hi alastar, thanks for reading and making a comment. I wonder about that black coated panther. One source I used said there have been only one hundred Fl. panther left. Wonder why they don’t reproduce? You might probably still buy a snake. People buy those enormous Pythons and switch them free in the Everglades! Goodnight. I’m glad you discovered this article to be informative. Yes, people don’t realize that our state has wildlife. We also have venomous snakes! I wrote a Hub about them. I invite you to read that one when you could have a while. Hi this was very interesting and stuffed with facts. I love how u did the hub including the images and banners and many others.

According to the 1973 Endangered Species Act, the Secretary of the Interior is charged with including or removing species of plants and animals to the listing of endangered species. There are many elements that contribute to the listing of a species on the endangered species checklist. The Interior Department, by means of the Director of the Fish & Wildlife Service, determines whether a species is endangered based upon a variety of components, together with habitat destruction, over-utilization, disease and other man-made or natural influences.

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