Tips to ensure safety for your exotic pets at home 

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Bringing a new pet home and adding it to your family always make you excited and nervous at the same time. There is always an anxiety about how the pet would adjust in the new home and how you and your family would welcome it. This becomes more challenging when you bring home an exotic (unusual) pet. There is no doubt that you do the maximum preparation to ensure that the new world for your pet is safe and comfortable. Along with making at-home preparations, it is also important to look for an expert vet and buy a suitable insurance plan. Many people would question, is purchasing pet insurance worth it? Well, the answer is yes, particularly with exotic pets. Given the freedom and opportunity, pets do or eat anything and everything and that makes them prone to illness and injuries. Insurance can help accord the best treatment for your loved friend. When it comes to exotic pets, you need to pay more attention to provide them the right kind of environment where they can survive and flourish. Here is a guide for the new exotic pet parents to ensure they give the best to their young family members.

  • Providing a comfortable habitat

Unlike regular pets such as gods and cats, exotic pets are often too small and dynamic to take out for an outing. For that reason, you need to create not only a bed but a complete world for them. You should think of the right sized house or cage to ensure safety from other pets at home. You may have to place some toys, lighting, dishes for food and water, and even exercise equipment inside the cage. Also, pay attention to the temperature and humidity requirements of your pet while creating this world. You can talk to your specialist vet to understand the needs of your new friend.

  • Things you should keep away from exotic pets

Exotic pets are special and need special care. Apart from providing an ideal habitat, you also have to take care of their safety from daily households. Here are some tips to keep them protected.

  • Candles

Things that you love for their smell and look can be unsafe for your pets. This is true for beautiful scented candles and potpourri. The fumes and strong aroma that is emitted upon burning them can be poisonous to your pet. Make sure that you do not lit a candle near your pet’s home.

  • Several human food items

Food and drinks that give you pleasure like chocolate and liquor, can be life-threatening to your exotic pets. Keep your food and your pet’s food completely separate for safety.

  • Decorative pieces

If your pet chews any of the decorative pieces, it can call for an emergency trip to your vet hospital. Even the decorations made of natural materials like dried flowers, wood, and seed are treated with a chemical that can result in severe health issues.

  • Some house plants

Many in-house plants like daffodils, day and Easter lilies, etc are popular for decoration but can cause allergic reactions to your exotic pets.

  • Dealing with visitors

Often visitors at your home bring a lot of sounds and faces that your pets are not familiar with. This also causes enough movement, foot traffic, and noise to harm or disturb them.  Make sure you introduce your pets with the human world gradually or keep them away from gatherings.

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