Pet ScanA PET scan will produce a three-dimensional, color image of your body, which can show how body tissues are working and in addition what they appear like. It can be utilized to help diagnose cancers and it may well help doctors inform the distinction between scar tissue or an lively cancer in the physique.

While some imaging scans reminiscent of CT and MRI isolate natural anatomic adjustments within the body, PET and SPECT are able to detecting areas of molecular biology element (even prior to anatomic change). PET scanning does this using radiolabelled molecular probes that have totally different charges of uptake depending on the sort and function of tissue concerned. Changing of regional blood flow in varied anatomic buildings (as a measure of the injected positron emitter) can be visualized and comparatively quantified with a PET scan.

You may need to quick (not eat or drink) for a set period of time. Fasting sometimes consists of avoiding every little thing but water before the PET scan. If you might have diabetes, tell the receptionist or nuclear drugs employees while you make your booking, in order that appropriate preparations might be made. Your physician will obtain your PET scan outcomes afterwards, and can share them at your subsequent appointment.

The time period ‘radioactivity’ may sound alarming. But, the radioactive chemical compounds utilized in PET scans are thought-about to be safe and so they go away the body quickly in the urine. The dose of radiation that your physique receives is very small. If any of these apply to you, the nurse can make adjustments to keep you snug and guarantee accurate PET scan results.

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