CatIdentify that furry caterpillar you discovered with the assistance of this lens! Caterpillars are the immature stage of butterflies and moths. Almost all of them eat leaves (only a few eat garments), and virtually all furry caterpillars will grow as much as turn into moths.

Caterpillar Description: The big leopard moth caterpillar has with spikes (which are variously described as hairy, bristled, fuzzy, spiky, furry, or woolly) with pink or orange bands around its body. Some suppose it seems to be like a woolly black bear. I’ve by no means seen a Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar. Thanks for sharing such an attention-grabbing and educational lens.

Hi I’m in NC USA and I discovered one yesterday that I am now making an attempt to lift in an aquarium. I named him Scribby, a short for his genus. He is about 2 inches long. He is not eating. I discovered him lettuce, orange and magnolia leaves. Some others just to see. I hope to see him change and then let him go. He sleeps loads I guess. Thanks to your web site I was capable of ID the caterpillar that’s devouring my Amaryllis because the Giant Leopard Moth. Plant and caterpillar have been on my kitchen counter for every week and because the caterpillar is HUGE I count on it to pupate quickly. Very thrilling!

I discovered two wooley boogers on the bottom yesterday afternoon. It’s February. I thought it was just a little early for these guys. The polyphemus moth, beneath, has massive eyespots that appear like an owl and should scare predators away. Another example of mimicry! Along the way in which, you will learn about food vegetation, life levels, cocoons and chrysalises, parasites, and how scientists work in the lab with insects. Who knows – there’s a chance you or your little ones would possibly start on the path to changing into a scientist some day. Hi Annabanana – Thanks for the query – there are SO MANY kinds of brown caterpillars that I would have to see an image of it to answer that.

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