5 House Pests that Often Appear: Which do you hate most?

We certainly agree that home pests are uninvited guests whose appearance is very disgusting and makes you anxious when you find their presence around the house. Some types of pests are also classified as dangerous because they have the potential to endanger the health and safety of you and your family.

Many homeowners get dizzy because of their existence and cause frustration because of their inability to overcome existing pest problems – especially when home pest problems reappear. Let’s look at 5 household pests most hated by many homeowners below!

1. Ants

Do you often press ants with your fingers when they come crawling toward you? Just to realize you, when you press ants one by one that comes in front of you, there are still many ants that will come back and need to be dealt with immediately.

  • The ants ambush us at home into a long, scattered row. For some, relying on a simple method of eradicating ants using natural ingredients is a short-term, temporary solution that won’t last forever.
  • Ants have strong survival instincts – this is why an ant colony will be very difficult to control when they enter your home!

Alert! Some simple methods that you do yourself can make your ant problems more dangerous. For example, spraying one type of ant, such as the Pharaoh’s ants, is a completely inappropriate solution.

Contact Brisbane Pest Control services, now also to ensure your ant problems do not get worse. Perhaps you are not dealing with careless ant pests, but termite pests.

2. Roaches

Some people describe cockroaches as disgusting house pests because they are often found crawling in various dirty and disgusting places such as trash cans and stacks of glass and dirty dishes that you ignore overnight.

Besides that, what is the most common reason that makes many people hate cockroaches?

  • Like mice, cockroaches are also known as pests that transmit diseases such as Salmonella. Many people also associate cockroach pests and their potential in causing contamination of food consumed by humans. Not cleaning and drying your house, especially in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens will make cockroaches worse in your home.
  • Cockroaches move and crawl rapidly from top to bottom, coupled with their ability to fly – making this one pest very difficult and difficult to control in the future.

Alert! Cockroaches love all the food we cook and consume at home. Any oil and fat stains from the cooking process can also attract cockroaches to come. This is because cockroaches consume everything – including oil and fat stains. Find tips and tricks on how to get rid of cockroaches at home here.

3. Lizard

Lizards are an organic pest control in your home. This is because they consume flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies. Although there are uses for you, what is the reason many people hate it?

  • Even though they are harmless, their slippery body texture disgusts them!
  • The sounds they make at night disturb your sleep time!

Alert! The tail lizards can be released when you try to drive them away at home. This is done by lizards as self-protection from the pursuit of its enemies.

4. Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small and flat. Because of this size, the presence of bedbugs cannot be easily detected by the human eye. Besides the difficulty of controlling this one insect pest, what are the other reasons that make people hate them?

  • Bedbugs are pests that are active at night (nocturnal) and usually bite us when we are asleep at night. This is the reason why bedbug bites do not hurt or are not immediately felt by you.
  • Bedbugs can breed in every home. They can even survive cold temperatures and are a great pest in hiding (bedbugs can hide in every crack and crack in your house!)

Alert! Living in a house full of bed bugs can cause stress and frustration! Get rid of bed bugs today in your home with the help of a professional pest control service from S.W.A.T who understands the bed bug problems you are experiencing right now.

5. Mosquitoes

Every day there are almost a dozen mosquitoes that bite you at home. Believe it or not, you can’t just bite a mosquito for granted! Mosquitoes are the smallest and most deadly pests in the world. What are the reasons that require you to hate mosquitoes?

  • The presence of mosquitoes is not only found in outdoor areas (outdoor), their ability to fly away makes it easier for mosquitoes to fly and enter your home.
  • In tropical countries with a humid climate like Indonesia, mosquito activity is highest when it is summer or drought – high temperatures in summer help mosquitoes in their breeding process.

Alert! Although the use of mosquito sprays or lotions can help prevent mosquito bites, this method is completely incapable of counteracting the presence of mosquitoes in the house.

Protect the safety and health of your family by implementing integrated mosquito control, by not forgetting the source of its breeding!

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