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The relationship between man and animals have been multifaceted from the earliest of times. From evolution theory to the ‘holy books’ of some religions, animals of different types are agreed to have been in existence before humans. However, as the higher animal that man is, he has been able to subdue and become a master to various animals throughout history. There is the master-servant relationship that prevailed and persists in some areas, with animals like oxen, horses and camels used as a means of transportation and others like sheep and cow for food and clothing. There is also the service rendering arm of the relationship between man and animals- such as serving as guides for physically challenged individuals, security officers and so on. And there is the social relationship between man and animal in which the man and the animal are mostly friends in a companionship type of relationship. This …

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Ingredients that are toxic for dogs

Online delivery services are very essential, especially now with the growing spread of the coronavirus. People order online for door delivery to reduce the spread of coronavirus or to avoid contracting it. We use online delivery services for our meals, groceries, fashion, and even our pet foods.

Getting your pet feeds online is a new dimension for many pet owners. And there are fewer online stores available to provide these services. However, you should check out Raw Paw Pet services and other pet food brands for reliable pet food to take care of your lovely pets.

You may be skeptical if you haven’t tried these pet food delivering services, and here are some reasons why they are the best options, and why you should consider them today, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. They are cheaper

Buying products online seems to come cheaper than going to physical stores. You can …

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Why Pet Insurance coverage is Essential For Your Pets - Secure Life Insurance  Plan

Having a pet is beautiful—they are a man’s companion for life. The love we have for them makes us want to keep them comfortable and secure. One of the ways to achieve this is to take out pet insurance. Many people find it difficult to decide whether to take it out or not because of the varying technicalities of the venture.

There is a greater demand for pets nowadays because of the scientific advances of pet medicine. There are more cures to the diseases that plague animals, and there is a change in attitude towards pets, et cetera. These are the reasons for this increase in demand. There are numerous benefits to taking out a pet insurance plan instead of the risk of not having pet insurance. Some of which are;

  • It provides you with peace of mind

With a reliable pet insurance plan, you have no worries about the …

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