What domestic animals are more sensitive to suffer diseases in their lifetime?

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The relationship between man and animals have been multifaceted from the earliest of times. From evolution theory to the ‘holy books’ of some religions, animals of different types are agreed to have been in existence before humans. However, as the higher animal that man is, he has been able to subdue and become a master to various animals throughout history. There is the master-servant relationship that prevailed and persists in some areas, with animals like oxen, horses and camels used as a means of transportation and others like sheep and cow for food and clothing. There is also the service rendering arm of the relationship between man and animals- such as serving as guides for physically challenged individuals, security officers and so on. And there is the social relationship between man and animal in which the man and the animal are mostly friends in a companionship type of relationship. This is the most familiar type, where the animal is called a Pet and sometimes identified as even a member of a human family with all the attendant benefits.

Domesticated animals need to be taken care of physically and medically, to ensure that they are in good health after being taken away from their natural environments in some cases, or when they have to be given preventive treatments so as not to pose a risk to their human owners/families. This is the reason pet care shops are available across the world to provide quality services to ensure that the continued relationship between man and his furry friend remains mutually beneficial. Indeed, pets and domesticated animals are so important to the balance of the society that Petcare 24/7 Services are not a novelty, but rather an expected part of any civilized society.

Four most common pets in the 21st century

Dogs: The most common pet today is the dog. It is a highly social animal that is loved and preferred for its high level of intelligence and loyalty. It is easy to train and discipline and can serve multiple purposes for the human owner. The love for dog span across different countries of the world. The varieties of species also make them a fast option to meet a wide range of needs – from the big types like the GSD to the smaller Chihuahuas. Dogs are easily integrated into any social mix, helpful with children and people in need and loyal to their human families till the end.

Cats: Following the dog closely is the cat. The cat has a lot of advantages, like keeping the home rodent-free by its mere presence. Cats might not be as loyal as dogs, but that does not make them any less popular among pet lovers. Cats are also known to be playful and make a good companion.

Fish: Although it has to live in its aquatic environment, fish is still a common pet in today’s world. The allure of fish as pet lies in how affordable it is to buy, feed and keep as a pet, not requiring extra space or gadgets like the two above.

Guinea Pigs: The Guinea Pig are also a favourite for some people. This class of pets, however, require special accommodation arrangements (cages) within the home. Guinea pigs cannot jump or climb, and have an easy temperament that makes them easy to be with.

There are still many other pet preferences like hamsters, snakes, birds and mice, among several others. 

Since animals are living things, they are all likely to develop diseases at any point in time. However, quickly noticeable ones are probably based on the level of interactions with humans. Researchers say that the longer an animal stays with humans, the more pathogens and parasites it shares with humans. When viewed in line with their general population and social interactions with man, dogs and cats might be the most common animals to suffer diseases in their lifetimes. But the veterinary doctors and pet shops will be in a better position to tell.

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