Why Custom Bobbleheads Are the Perfect Way to Memorialize a Lost Pet

If you’ve suffered the loss of a pet, you know a particular type of grief that not everyone necessarily appreciates. It can be difficult explaining your feelings to your friends who’ve never had pets or who don’t care about animals the same way you do. If your journey at this time isn’t something you want to share openly, you may be interested in a unique way to eulogize your beloved pet. A custom bobblehead doll might just be the thing for you, and here’s why.

They’re Sweet

Animal bobblehead dolls are impossibly cute and will absolutely evoke the sense of “aww” you felt every time your pet looked at you in that innocent way only animals can. Plus, they’re something you playfully pat on the head every once in a while, and that’s not really something you can do with a picture. If you’re too old for stuffed animals (or you just couldn’t find one that looked like your pet), a bobblehead of your pet might be the next best thing. If you have a kid who’s feeling the loss particularly keenly, but is not interested in a plush toy, they might really enjoy this.

They’re Small

If you’re not into getting your lost pet’s portrait done or memorializing them in a shrine of pictures and old toys, a custom bobblehead of your pet is much more subtle. While many people do feel the loss of pets strongly, not everyone wants to wear their grief on their sleeve. Getting a small doll you keep somewhere that won’t attract a lot of attention will keep your pet in your memory without making sure you or your guests have to dwell on it constantly. That said, if you’re the type of person who really feels the need to display your grief in a big way, a bobblehead doll would make a nice edition to whatever shrine you have in mind.

They’re Affordable

It may be that you’ve lost your bet, but you don’t have the money to pay tribute to them in just the way you like. Custom bobbleheads aren’t free, but you can have one made for less than a hundred dollars. They’re a nice way to keep your furry friend in your thoughts without spending money that might not be in your budget.

They’re Personal

People might get you all kinds of stuff they think reminds you fondly of your lost pet, but just because a person hasn’t died that doesn’t mean losing a pet is any less personal. Only you know the special relationship you had with them, and that’s why a custom bobblehead is kind of a nice gift to yourself. You can get a doll that has just the same spots, stripes, or even bald patches your pet had, and those little reminders of who they were will warm your heart when you’re having a hard day without them. In a time like this, it’s nice to have things around you that feel authentic, or at the very least have a little meaning.


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