Top 5 Most Popular Dogs Breed in the UK

Dogs are loyal, strong, and love to bark. Man has always loved having dogs around majorly because of their ability to guard, protect and attack trespassers or thieves.

Most homes have dogs as pets, and as time goes, they become the official protector and guard around their host’s premises. The first thing a male dog does when it gets to a new environment is to find the scent of another male dog. If it does not find any, it marks the place with its scent through its urine. Don’t be surprised when next you see your new dog peeing in corners around your compound. It is simply marking the territory. Read about dog training companies on Britainreviews.

Labrador Retriever Snags Most Popular Dog Breed Position for the 27th Year  in a Row - The Dogington Post

In the UK, different breeds of dogs are found, from popular ones to not-too-popular ones. Dogs are bred for different reasons. Reasons include but are not limited to fighting, security, racing, aiding blind people around, and some just as ordinary pets. Whatever the reason, it’s good to always get your dog insured, you can read UK pet insurance companies reviews to know what companies offer the best pet insurance for your dog.

Below is a list of the 5 most popular dog breeds in the UK.

1. Labrador Retrievers

Are wonderful for the family. They are friendly, intelligent, can exist with other pets, have webbed toes that allow them to swim well, and like to cuddle their owners. If you have children or are considering doing so, a Labrador retriever is a great choice.

2. Cockapoos

Is a crossbreed obtained from the union of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle and bred by designer dog breeders in the US to produce a healthy breed of companion dogs. It comes in a combination of colours and can have wavy, curled, or straight hair.

3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This breed is playful but needs training, especially if kids will be involved. Has a great need for physical activity with high sensitivity levels. It can tolerate cold weather better, is friendly towards strangers but not with other animals. It is easy to groom, sheds minimally, and has a high tendency of gaining weight.

4. Cocker Spaniel

They originate from the UK as hunting dogs commonly used back then to hunt the Eurasian woodcock but are great companion dogs. Also, a wonderful addition to the family due to its friendliness. This breed is also very easy to train and adapts fast to its environment.

5. Jack Russel Terrier

This breed is used for foxhunting, has a high amount of energy, and requires a high level of discipline as it can be stubborn and intolerant of any form of abuse, no matter the intention. For families who have kids or plan to, this breed isn’t recommended unless it is properly trained and socialized.

Dog owners in the UK choose different dog breeds for a variety of reasons. It could be personal, financial (breeding, fighting, racing), or just for adoption. Dogs are brilliant companions around the house especially with kids involved.

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