Tips to Keep The Buffalo Well

Buffaloes are animals that include oxen beside cattle (true oxen). Buffalo is distinguished from cows because buffalo is considered the most primitive form in terms of its skull. Buffalo has a wide mouth, big ears, fertile growth horns are relatively slow, hair is rare. Legs with widened shoes adjusted for life on muddy soil

Buffaloes are preserved in very different ways around the world. This way of maintenance depends on the geographical situation and the purpose of the buffalo farm. There are various ways of buffalo maintenance, ranging from buffalo maintenance as multi-use cattle that are kept in the backyard to the maintenance of buffalo as milk producers with modern farming system

Buffalo farming can be a lucrative business if managed properly. Buffaloes should be kept as valuable living capital. With proper maintenance, buffalo farms are very profitable. By determining at the time of birth whether a child will be made a dairy or meat producer, proper maintenance is easier and cheaper. Thus, breeders can separate buffaloes that will be used as milk and buffalo producers that will be used as buffalo. However good the genetic potential of Buffalo, no buffalo will show satisfactory results if not maintained and fed properly for more info see in vitalac

The business of buffalo cattle is done for the purpose of meat, skin and labor production. Although in certain areas of buffalo meat products are in great demand, but in certain market segments, the demand for buffalo meat products is still relatively limited. As is known that the productivity of buffalo cattle in Indonesia is still relatively low because technically there are still some obstacles that require thinking to overcome them.

The buffalo farming problem varies, among others, traditional maintenance patterns, reduced grazing areas, high male slashing impacts on males, productive female slaughter, seasonal feeding deficiencies, high pedestal deaths (about 10{329a247b3cbb6d4fd31865efac65ff8dd6657adc12e494beaae81b2fbdb7c348}), low productivity and the development of semi-intensive maintenance system is still limited. Therefore, there is a need for various efforts to improve the quality and quantity of buffalo production, one of them through good maintenance management in order to develop buffalo cattle in an integrated manner.

Buffalo has many benefits for farmers therefore animal health must be maintained properly. To get the best buffalo quality required an effective maintenance method and not carelessly maintain buffalo without rules. Nutrition and nutrition for buffaloes should be considered well through the type of food consumed as well as supplemental vitamin supplementation to buffalo big fast and produce a lot of meat. This ideal buffalo cultivation will have an optimum impact on the development of livestock that is expected because animal health is more awake.

Not just humans who need cleanliness and comfort. However, the animals in the cage are in need of cleanliness and comfort to avoid stress. Then the buffalo must be healthy which is marked by the circumstances of his eyes are clean and violent, soft shiny skin, not skinny body, sturdy legs, clean nose, smelly tongue and normal dirt.

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