Some of the Best Pet Carrier Recommendations for Dogs

Pet carriers are very necessary to travel with your dog. This bag is useful when you want to travel both using private and public transportation, such as planes, buses, and trains, and when going to veterinary clinics. Do you have problems choosing the right pet carrier product?

Through this article, we will introduce how to choose the right pet carrier. Be sure to choose products that meet the aspects of safety, size, visibility, ease of use and carry, and have ventilation. So which pet carrier is the best? Understand before buying, yes!

How to choose a pet carrier for dogs

The purpose of use is one of the determinants in choosing a pet carrier for dogs. Then what is it again? The following are some things to consider before you choose a pet carrier for dogs.

Select according to the intended use

Pet carriers for dogs are classified into two types, namely hard carriers such as plastic or metal and soft materials, such as cloth. Things to consider before you choose the type of pet carrier is your intended use. The duration of the dog will be in the pet carrier is also important to note.

A type of soft material that is comfortable for a 30 minute – 1 hour trip

Dog carrying bags with soft materials, such as cloth, are very suitable for carrying dogs on a 30-minute-1 hour trip. The advantage, this bag model is easier to use and concise than a carrier made of rigid plastic.

The type of hard material recommended for a 2-3 hour trip

When traveling for 2-3 hours using public or private vehicles, a hard carrier is recommended. Carriers with hard materials, such as plastic or metal, have high stability and can protect dogs from impact.

Choose which does not overload the dog

After you make your choice between a carrier made from hard or soft, the next most important thing is to make sure your dog is safe during the trip. Specifically, let’s focus on several factors below.

  • Equipped with a hook to lock the carrier door to prevent dogs jumping out
  • There is no sharp and dangerous metal protruding into the inside of the carrier
  • There are no accessories that dogs can accidentally swallow, for example small plastic parts
  • Sturdy and does not change shape despite falling or bumping, and is able to reduce shocks
  • Choose one that is easy to use

If you are sure your dog feels comfortable, the next thing to consider is your comfort. For dogs that have a habit of biting and are too passionate, choose a carrier that has a door at the top. The point is that the dog can be removed from the carrier by being lifted so that you don’t have to worry about your hand being bitten when removing it. In addition, veterinarians can also carry out checks without removing the dog from the carrier.

Choose according to size

Different types of dogs, different sizes and weights. In choosing a pet carrier, you also need to consider this in order to choose the appropriate product.

How to determine the right size?

When choosing a pet carrier for dogs, it is important in finding the right size. However, this is quite difficult to do. In particular, many of you may be wondering, the right size of a pet carrier is based in a curled or crouched position.

Understand the difference between ‘weight’ and ‘load capacity’

In some products, the recommended weight may be included in the specifications list. The point to note is the difference between ‘weight’ and ‘load capacity’.

Check compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Traveling with pets is fun. However, in some countries there are laws and regulations which must not be violated. When you travel with pets, especially dogs, you need to pay attention to this to make your trip easier.

Laws and rules in aviation

Depending on the situation, it is important that the pet carrier used is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Pet carriers for use on aircraft must meet IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards. If you have a pet carrier with ‘IATA standard compliant’ information on the official website or packaging, it will certainly be easier.

Manners when using a car

Bring the dog using a pet carrier or car seat specifically for dogs that have seat belts, such as child seats. If a dog can move freely in the car, he can climb into the driver’s lap and obstruct the view. Besides being very dangerous, this also violates traffic rules. Therefore, it is important to be more careful for the safety of you and your dog.

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