Photos Of Some Of The Most Common Wild Animals Seen In Florida

Wild AnimalsHumans have historically tended to separate civilization from wildlife in plenty of methods including the legal, social, and ethical sense. Some animals, nonetheless, have adapted to suburban environments. This includes such animals as domesticated cats, canine, mice, and gerbils. Some religions declare certain animals to be sacred, and in fashionable occasions concern for the pure atmosphere has provoked activists to protest in opposition to the exploitation of wildlife for human profit or entertainment.

Hi, Teylina, thanks for studying and commenting on my Hub in regards to the wildlife in Florida. Most peole do not realize what number of species we’ve. Oh , you’ve gotten two raccoons for pets! I assume that is SO are stunning anmals, I suppose. I feel bad for the animals dropping their houses to improvement. I’m so glad you loved my Hub. Goodnight.

I had a brush with one in california myself, but it was harmless. Definitely wasn’t an important white, more doubtless a tiger shark or one thing. You really need to watch out about getting in the water when you’ve got open cuts in your physique someplace. Sharks can sense blood, and they hungry, you might be dinner. Besides that, open cuts damage actually dangerous in salt water. Ouch! Talk about painful.

I would fear also about seeing raccoons within the daytime because of the possibility of them being rabid. They are cute little critters! My mother was not too joyful when she was living in her different home & having armadillos digging up her yard! She watered greater than her neighbors so the grub digging was most likely easier in her yard and he or she lived close to a wilderness space a brief space away. We put out a great deal of mothballs 2 totally different occasions when she discovered copperhead snakes in her yard. Supposedly that odor repels them. I know that we and doubtless her neighbors smelled them for fairly some time. Ha! Co-present with wildlife could be a challenge typically!

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