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Pet ShopFemale rats and mice will scent less than male rats and mice, however I have three feminine rats in one cage, and one male mouse in one other. My one, small male mouse smells worse than my three. larger female rats.

The original toy collection was produced by Kenner Toys in 1992 and every set included an action, reminiscent of a movable half. Most of them included magnets or simple mechanisms like flapping wings. Most of the Kenner Littlest Pet Shop units are simple to seek out whereas some are hard. The Foxes, deer and swans are laborious to find. The rarest set is the Pony n’Play Stable Play set which is worth extra then $3,000!

When it comes to introducing rats, don’t simply plonk them in the same cage, introduce them on impartial territory, in a small place the place they can not run off and conceal (belief me, that is not a great thing), however be there to intervene. The introduction course of can seem tough, but except there’s blood it’s fairly regular conduct, some rats will be extra aggressive in direction of intruders than others. But it’s not black and white, there are various degrees. Just as a result of rats combat doesn’t suggest they have to be separated, they kind social hierarchies and can beat one another up once in a while.

Hey there, We are two male rats and would like to thanks for all this useful info for our mom. She does have one factor to say although. We are both males and we’re happily at dwelling together in the same cage! Though, we’re only 6 weeks outdated. So her info is that so long as you get us males (rats) younger, Its fairly easy to house us together! She once more thanks you for the helpful details about every thing!! P.S. We thank you too! We LOVE Apple, and also you gave our mom the concept to present it to us. THANKS!

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