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AnimalsI am creating quite a lot of pages on uncommon variants on normal animals species. These are the uncommon, the weird, the gorgeous, the typically disturbing deformities that spontaneously happen, combining the peculiarity of genetics and the unusual great thing about extremes.

So in case you needed to keep a Fennec fox, or lion, or tiger as a pet, it might be unsuitable as a result of those are all wild animals, not bred as domesticated animals. Again, the difference is context. dogs are bred as domesticated animals, wolves are not. Your query reveals the same form of disingenuous argument that A/R nuts use to justify their position.

They are all of the merchandise of specialised breeding over thousands of years. Most folks don’t have any clue about all the modified farm products that we get. I am certain that if a banana, as it grows in the wild, had been served to you, you would not know what it was, as they are additionally the product of selective modification for meals production, simply as cows and goats and chickens have been.

Hi Melissa, thanks a lot for stopping in to read and comment. I read that hub and it makes me so unhappy to read that. I do not actually know what to say…it’s a merciless world we dwell in, and it’s so arduous to try to find the great. I had no thought about that. Thanks for pointing it out. I simply learn your profile and also you may need to change it as it states yourself you ‘preserve’ wild animals. Seems to me your thoughts and beliefs are a bit mixed up.

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