Hamsters Like to Bite, Here’s How to Tame It

Not all hamsters that can be kept immediately friendly or docile. Therefore, you need to know how to tame a fierce hamster so it doesn’t bite. Even though it looks cute, hamsters have natural properties as a self-defense mechanism, namely to bite when they feel disturbed or uncomfortable.

Generally, hamsters will feel this when they first move to a new house or cage. That’s why we often hear new hamster owners complain because their hamsters are grumpy or like to bite. If this happens to Smart Friends, then you need to understand how to tame Roborovski, Syrian, and other types of hamsters.

When you just bought a hamster, it definitely takes time to adapt to the new cage. It’s best if you don’t disturb the hamster during this time. Try to start taming the hamster in the second week after you buy it. Since hamsters are nocturnal animals, choose a time of night when they are most active.

Each hamster is unique in its own way. There are those that can tame you right away, there are also those that take a long time to tame. Therefore you have to be patient and keep it routine to do several ways to keep interacting with your hamster.

1. Let the Hamster Adjust

The cage is the first place your hamster will stop after you buy it. Therefore, putting it in the right location is very important. Put the cage in a place that is safe from noise and moisture. Then do not rush to invite him to play. Because he needs time to adapt to a new place, just like humans who also need to adapt to a new and unfamiliar place.

2. Give Snacks

After a few days of adapting to the new cage, the hamster will usually show some movements that indicate he is curious about you. So, when these signs appear, you can start giving him food or snacks. To do this, wait until he is fully awake and don’t go near his private areas like his bed.
You can try giving snacks through the bars of the cage. Hold your hand until the hamster approaches and slowly try to take the hamster food from your finger.

3. Get used to smelling hands

Take the next step by accustoming the hamster to the smell of your hand as the owner. Hamsters have a very keen sense of smell, so they can easily recognize who they are.
How can a hamster recognize the smell of your hands? Well, you can often replace the bedding in the form of sawdust with your own hands. Then, knead the sawdust so that the smell of your hands gets mixed in there. Over time, the hamster will get used to the smell of your hands.

4. Frequently Touch Hamsters

In this period, the hamster is quite docile and familiar with you. Frequently touching and petting him will make him friendlier, docile, and also familiar. But you can’t carelessly touch or take a hamster. For example, avoid picking up the hamster by its top. This is due to the instinct of hamsters as food from predators who generally prey on them from above will work. They will think your hand is a predatory threat and bite it.

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