Endangered Animals in the World, Extinct

Did you know there are many kinds of animals that are very rare to live in this world. Some of these animals are unique and rare. These rare animals indeed invite clicking amazed at the sight. If you are curious as to what, here are some rare animals in the world.


Saola is one of the rarest species of mammals that exist on Earth. This animal comes from the country of Vietnam and Laos, and has a height of about 3 meters, a glimpse of this animal at first glance almost similar to a goat. Saola also has a very small tail and long ears and has white spots and lines on its face.


This animal is a species of deer whose species is very small and this animal can be found in the Sahaara desert. They look like many other species of deer, but after further research the type of deer is actually very different. This species also has a square tooth like a cow. And the horns in this species are very long and curved.

Monito Del Monte

Monito Del Monte is a Spanish term for “little monkey”. But this name is very deceptive. Monito Del Monte is actually a live marsupial in Chile and Argentina. This mammal species is also considered full more than 11 million years ago. But, modern explorers find this creature in the modern new era. This small marsupial also has a rat body with large brown fur, long pointed ears and a long tail. The thing that distinguishes this animal is its big eyes and it lives on the trees in the forest. Its long tail can help it to swing from one tree to another.

Frilled Sharks

The frayed shark is an oddity in the animal world. Because until the 19th century the researchers thought this animal was dead with the dinosaurs. However, this proves to be untrue, as some fishermen have captured this frayed shark and have also found the carcass of this creature.

The frayed shark looks similar to the eel, it has a long body. The frayed shark also has a triangular shape with a long gray body. This shark also has no fin on the back, and is very different from most of the other shark species.


Olm is an amphibian that comes from a European country, and this animal can be found in Italy. This creature also has a long white body, with four small legs. At a glance, this animal is very similar to a small snake.

This lizard spent his life in underground caves. This creature has eyes that can not grow and really blind. Although this animal can not see it does not mean that it is powerless, but instead it can compensate for its deficiencies with great hearing and the sense of smell.


Kakapo is the only parrot that cannot fly in this world. While their cousins can travel by air, this species chooses to walk or ride from one place to another.

This bird can be found in the country of New Zealand and this species of bird is often also referred to as the Parrots Haunted Bird. This creature also gets julun from the shape of the feather disc around the eyeball. This bird is also designated as the largest parrot weighing up to 8 Kg.

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