Pet ScanComplications are uncommon. If you are planning to have a PET scan, your physician will evaluate a list of potential issues.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, there could also be a danger to your child if in case you have a PET scan. This is as a result of even small quantities of radiation can damage a baby. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, it is crucial that you simply inform the workers at the hospital earlier than the scan is carried out. They can advise you on the precautions to take.

There are not any known side effects of one of these scan. But it can be a bit boring ready around and some folks discover it tough to lie still for an hour. To assist with the boredom some centres have a CD player that you should utilize whilst mendacity down in the scanner. So it’s possible you’ll wish to carry alongside some of your favorite CD’s to listen to. You might be able to carry a buddy to sit with you if you are ready to have the scan. But it’s at all times finest to ring and check if that is attainable before you go.

PET expertise for small animal imaging: A miniature PE tomograph has been constructed that is sufficiently small for a totally acutely aware and cellular rat to put on on its head whereas walking round. 21 This RatCAP (Rat Conscious Animal PET) allows animals to be scanned with out the confounding effects of anesthesia PET scanners designed particularly for imaging rodents, often referred to as microPET, as well as scanners for small primates are marketed for academic and pharmaceutical research. The scanners are apparently based on microminiature scintillators and amplified avalanche photodiodes (APDs) although a new system not too long ago invented makes use of single chip silicon photomultipliers.

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