Animal PlanetWhat most people find out about mermaids, is what they may of seen in widespread Walt Disney films like The Little Mermaid or Splash.

With regards to paranormal exhibits, take them with a grain of salt. True, they should not be on AP. Clearly lazy filler programming. But the pseudoscience (they don’t seem to know that word) of parapsychology (or that one) has some merit, backed by metaphysical theories and concepts. Obviously most reveals are staged and fictional, again to satisfy the minimum ‘leisure’ requirements.

I wish to believe, I really do! It would be so cool and beautiful if human-like mermaids would really exist. But in the event that they do exist then I hope that us people will never find them, as a result of we as human species tend to destroy other species sadly. So it might be in the mermaids best interest if we are going to by no means find them.

I’m glad to read your hub Dear Zoey, the truth is i have heard a fiction story of mermaids since i used to be small and through my University studies in Literature, it is rather expensive to my coronary heart though i do know it’s not proven to be actual. But simply i ponder how could this sort of fish referred to as ”mermaid” had been laid down to be written and had successfully spread through all generation until this time, although some variations are type of love story, i prefer it to remain as a ”BEAUTIFUL KIND OF FISH” ever of all the fishes. Thanks for this glorious sharing hope to listen to from you a little longer reply. Good Weekend, Regards As Well.

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