Thirty-five people were arrested and six companies investigated after a criminal gang was found falsifying documents and selling meat from horses that was unfit for human consumption.

A criminal gang has been dismantled after authorities found horse meat unfit for human consumption being sold with forged documentation. The Civil Guard in Spain and Europol in Europe helped bring down the gang, with 35 people arrested and six companies investigated for their crimes. These crimes included: animal abuse, affiliation with a criminal organization, money laundering, crimes against public health and document falsification.

The Civil Guard has confirmed in a statement that the documentation, traceability and fitness for consumption of the animals were forged. The meat obtained from the animals was being sold in Spain and exported to countries like Germany, Belgium and Italy.

In the farm used by the gang, 80 horses were found in inhumane conditions. They were subjected to

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On Thursday, December 8, Animal Equality, a leading global animal protection group, held a protest on the front lawn of the US Capitol to call for an end to horse slaughter. Around a dozen activists gathered on Capitol Hill holding banners and posters to ask Congress to permanently ban the exportation and slaughter of American horses.

Why did we protest?

This protest is a part of Animal Equality’s pressure to end horse slaughter globally, including the US. The organization recently launched an international campaign against the killing of horses for meat. Over 116,000 supporters have already signed the petition.

In the United States, horse slaughter was essentially banned when the US Government took funding away from the USDA to inspect horse slaughterhouses. Only USDA-approved meat is legal to sell. Those that once profited off of selling their horses for slaughter began to auction them off to facilities in Mexico and

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