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DogDogs give us a lifetime of unconditional love and loyalty—what more might we ask for? Show your finest pal some love with our stellar care tips, training strategies and adoption data.

I really do not get the entire designer dog factor. Mankind spent thousands of years creating and enhancing the dog breeds we’ve got now. Do we actually need extra? On the opposite hand, I suppose if dog breeders had by no means experimented with crossbreeding, we would not have all of the older established breeds we get pleasure from as we speak. Obviously, I’m still kind of on the fence” with this topic. Designer dog breeds aren’t doing anything to improve specific recognized breeds, but I suppose if they’re producing healthy puppies, taking good care of them, and ensuring there’s a marketplace for them and never including to the pet overpopulation downside, it is in all probability pretty innocent.

What different pets do you have got? Some dogs would possibly get along fine with different dogs however might tend to view smaller animals as prey. Dogs with a powerful prey drive is likely to be exhausting pressed to get along with cats and different small animals until they’re correctly socialized, ideally as puppies. The most animal-aggressive canines we’ve ever owned were Akitas and wolf-German shepherd hybrids.

The Washington Post reported not too long ago that Mr. Trump was to become the primary president in one hundred fifty years who didn’t own a pet. That seemed as if it was about to alter when a prominent Florida philathropist reportedly offered him a Goldendoodle pet late final 12 months. But the deal didn’t undergo; apparently, the New York Post reported in January, she modified her mind and determined to maintain the dog, named Patton.


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