Medical Imaging Scans

Pet ScanAn applicable dose of radiotracer, such as FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose), is run to the patient (by intravenous injection).

The minimization of radiation dose to the topic is an attractive characteristic of the use of brief-lived radionuclides. Besides its established function as a diagnostic technique, PET has an increasing role as a technique to assess the response to remedy, specifically, cancer remedy, 63 where the risk to the affected person from lack of knowledge about illness progress is far better than the risk from the check radiation.

When the scanning is completed, you might be asked to attend till the pictures are checked in case more photographs are wanted. Occasionally, additional photos are wanted to clarify sure areas or buildings. The want for extra images does not essentially imply there was an issue or that one thing irregular was discovered, and should not be a cause of concern for you. You won’t be uncovered to extra radiation during this process.

Radiopharmaceuticals are utilized in all kinds of Nuclear Medicine and PET exams to image and measure how the body features. In PET imaging essentially the most generally used PET radiopharmaceutical is a radioactive form of glucose that allows medical doctors to picture and measure how cells within the body use glucose for fuel. Different illnesses increase or lower the quantity of glucose used.


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