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Pet ScanA PET scan produces three-dimensional, color images that present how the tissues inside your body work. PET stands for positron emission tomography.

The substance takes 30 to ninety minutes to succeed in the tissues that will probably be scanned. You need to lie quietly without shifting or talking. Moving too much could cause the radioactive substance to move into organs or tissues not being studied. This makes it more durable for docs to read the scan. For other people, it is advisable that you don’t have close contact with infants or younger youngsters until a couple of hours after your PET scan. Special instructions about eating regimen and medicines are often given to folks with diabetes or abnormal blood sugar ranges.

A PET scan is taken into account to be a protected process. It exposes you to around the identical amount of radiation that you would receive from the general surroundings over about three years. The injected radioactive chemical compounds have a really short lifespan and are faraway from the physique fairly shortly. A radiologist is a specialist doctor who has training in deciphering photos of the inside of the body. A radiologist will look at the images that a PET scan produces, and report the results to the doctor who is treating you.

The term ‘radioactivity’ could sound alarming. But, the radioactive chemical compounds utilized in PET scans are thought of to be protected and they leave the body shortly in the urine. The dose of radiation that your body receives could be very small. If any of those apply to you, the nurse could make changes to maintain you comfortable and ensure accurate PET scan results.


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