Dinosaur Bucket

Animal PlanetDiscovery Animal Planet is the place for wonderful documentaries wanting at the intriguing animals that inhabit our stunning planet.. from the oceans to the deserts, from the ice caps to the jungles, from the town to the mountains.

More knowledgeable individuals might have been informed that mermaid myths come from ignorant sailors of the previous who’ve mistaken sea-cows for girls with fish tails. Even although most mermaid sightings come from Europe the place there are not any sea-cows. As of April 18, stopped directly supporting web page structure in Internet Explorer 6.0. Please click on a brand beneath to upgrade your browser to completely experience our site.

Jon’s special guest on the show is none aside from Dr Robertson himself, who begins to talk in regards to the aquatic ape concept. He then claims that the Navy photo voltaic testing remains to be occurring. Animal Planet have at all times been recognized for his or her true life instructional documentaries so it was to no shock that many of the viewers believed the mermaid documentaries have been based mostly on precise occasions. Unless you’ve got truly seen one you may never know. And in the event you did see one I doubt if anyone would really imagine your story, for they would really retell it as a legend or folklore.

Assyria, ca 1000BC: Legends say that Atargatis the goddess of Syrian had fell in love with a shepherd boy and have become pregnant. She was so distraught that she jumped into the ocean to kill herself but changed into a mermaid instead with a mermaid-human above the waist and a fish beneath. Afterwards Atargatis was often called the goddess of the sea. The team believed the Government have been behind it and even accused them of tampering with their check results.


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