Animal Planet’s Track Record Of Fabricated Reality

Animal PlanetI am appalled by the mistreatment of animals used on ‘Call of the Wildman’. No true wildlife professional would intentionally topic wild animals to extreme stress, yet that’s precisely what occurs on each episode of this show. The only message that ‘Call of the Wildman’ sends is that it is acceptable to dangerously and unnecessarily torment wild animals. Animal Planet should cease passing off animal abuse as entertainment. I urge you to tug all present airings of ‘Call of the Wildman’ and cancel plans for further production of this show.

Well, kind of. Mermaids developed from many European legends and likewise from the Near East, Africa and Asia. In fact, the primary mermaid tales appeared in historical Assyria, through which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of disgrace for unintentionally killing her human lover. The pelvis had long thigh bones, seals are known to have short thigh bones, however there are not any aquatic mammals with long leg bones.

In previous videos we have now proven that mermaids, witches and female breath-holding divers have been all the identical folks. I watched that documentary. I found it riveting however I nonetheless wasn’t convinced ultimately. This is a really attention-grabbing hub! Great hub, totally full of fascinating data and some ideas to think about. I must commend you for a effectively researched hub.

Yes, we have now a protracted history of being important of Sea Shepherd , however this is not one of those instances. This post is about Sea Shepherd only inasmuch as they’re the cast of Whale Wars Up until the 2012-2013 marketing campaign, Animal Planet had its own film crew aboard and Animal Planet was chargeable for compiling and modifying the footage for the ultimate product. Sea Shepherd had little control over what Animal Planet did with the footage as soon as it was shot. All of which signifies that it’s now as much as Animal Planet to repair the tears in space-time which emerged within the 2011 Antarctic whaling season.


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