The Sad Animals In Zoos Myth (2)

AnimalsMany animal rights-minded individuals, as well as those who aren’t, have developed the mentality that people are evil, and that the human race is a ‘most cancers’. They will proudly declare that they care about animals greater than humans and that they would not hesitate to save a non-human over an unspecified Homo sapiens.

We care for our animals, we do not keep them captive any more than mother and father maintain their children captive or, in the case of fostering of animals, until they’re discovered correct, loving properties. And in those cases, we are very similar to an adoption agency. Last off, there may be an advert on this web page that says ‘Help your dog address stress? Adaptil – makes canines effectively behaved’…….. WTF!, WTFF!

As with youngsters or adults to outdated to look after themselves, the phrase captive is abused when utilized to preserving animals as pets, because, in all of these instances, they are in our care, not held as prisoners. We are chargeable for their welfare. Dogs ARE IN FACT (I wish we might use italics) pack animals, not too completely different in behavior patterns from people, which is why we get along so well and have completed so for so many millenia.

It’s human nature to mission our humanity onto non-human objects and animals – we even give our pets human names – nevertheless it’s merely wishful thinking. Dogs don’t have the emotional and mental complexity of people. It’s not a merciless thing to say, it’s simply a truth. To argue that animals normally are ‘sad’ being pets is ludicrous.

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