How to Keep Your Dog Active and Healthy

Dog owners want their dogs to be active and happy, throughout their lives. A dog is happiest when they are able to comfortably play and have fun with their owner. This is why it is important dogs get the right level of nutrients from their food and supplements. NuVet is a company that is working diligently to help pet owners keep their pets healthy and happy.

Joint Afflication Can Lead to Less Activity

When a dog owner notices their dog is no longer as active as they once were, this can sometimes be caused by joint afflictions. Just like humans, dogs can begin to experience decreased cartilage in their joints which can lead to decreased mobility.

With the right supplement, new cartilage growth can be increased so the joints are cradled in protection. With NuVet’s NuJoint DS, dogs will have lubricated joints so their joints move with fluidity. This allows a dog to jump, run, and play without feeling discomfort.

NuJoint DS is a double strength supplement that is made from human grade ingredients. They focus on careful research to ensure their products provide full protection for pets. It is important to note, these supplements should be used on dogs of all ages.

Starting the supplement when a dog is young helps to protect their joints and using the supplement at an older age helps to add beneficial cartilage to ensure fluid movements occur each time a dog steps, runs or jumps.

NuVet Makes It Easier to Supplement

One of the biggest issues pet owners have when it comes to supplements is getting their dog to take them. NuVet took this into account and made their wafer tasty so dogs crave them like a treat. For those dogs who find any form of a supplement to be unpalatable, there is a liquid that can be mixed into their food, for easy dosing.

If you would like to learn more about NuVet and its line of pet care products and supplements, visit NuVet is a company that is fully dedicated to keeping pets healthy and happy because they are pet owners too.

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