Having A CT (CAT) Scan? Know What To Expect!

Pet ScanPositron emission tomography (PET) is a technique that produces a three-dimensional picture of functional processes in the physique.

Anybody who has just had a PET scan should stay away from pregnant girls, babies, and younger youngsters for just a few hours afterward. PET scans are used alongside X-rays or MRI scans. They are used to make a analysis or to get more knowledge a few well being situation. As talked about above, they’re also helpful for finding out how effective present treatment is. Some locations let patients listen to music throughout the scan. Ask when you can deliver your individual music. It would possibly make you feel extra comfy. A PET scan shows how your tissues and organs are functioning. It can also let you and your medical doctors know if cancer remedy is working.

Being prepared for a take a look at or process can cut back nervousness, enhance cooperation and help the kid develop coping expertise. Parents or caregivers may help prepare youngsters by explaining to them what is going to occur, together with what they will see, really feel and listen to during the test. PET scans can be utilized to diagnose a well being condition, in addition to for finding out how an existing condition is creating.

When you arrive at MD Anderson on your PET scan, your care workforce will examine your blood sugar. Then, an IV line will probably be began and a radiotracer will likely be injected into your physique. This permits the PET scan to show the place the sugar metabolizes in your body so your docs can see if your cancer is growing. The radiotracer does not cause any side effects or ache.

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