Exotic PetsFor those shoppers who’ve met her they may understand our pleasure to have Dr. Thielen rejoin our practice. If you haven’t had the opportunity to fulfill her yet call us at any time to schedule an appointment with her or any of our wonderful medical doctors.

Hi Zookeeper, I don’t know what happened. I painstakingly checked every animal on a large record yet I keep discovering essential species which are missing. I guess I’ll need to do it once more. I did check tegus and I did not discover that they are established or breeding as of yet. Thanks for pointing that out, pretty absurd not to have Burmese pythons on it. Yes, the info I concerning the boa is referring to Puerto Rico. I’m not sure if I ought to embrace the island nations, as I probably passed over Hawaii species.

Even reptiles can develop into more docile after being captive bred for awhile. Captive bred snakes are much more docile than their wild counterparts, and would have bother dwelling in the wild. I’m positive anteaters may turn into extra common unique pets and adapt to captivity like a cat, dog or ferret. Yes , you will have a permit and examine the state laws just in case. Some states you are not in a position to have anteaters as pets.

hI MY NAME IS CASSIDY! I love ANTEATERS!!!!! And I hav been REALY been wanting1. I no wat your thinkin an anteater? But they r realy GREAT animals!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO DNT NOKEM TIL U TRY EM!HAHA! Please in case you love animals we need to start displaying them we love them by preventing to save lots of there habitats and supporting the teams saving wildlife. Don’t assume that you are doing the species a favour by taking them out of them and hugging them, grow up and suppose. It’s all within the eye of the beholder grand previous woman. My cousin thinks lion fish are ugly. Thanks for commenting.

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