Exotic PetsMeet Denise and her large Tegu lizard, Roscoe, in Nova Scotia, Yasmin and her estranged ‘Ikea’ monkey, Darwin, in Ontario, and Zuzana and Scott in Nevada with their pet lion Bam-Bam. Their private stories reveal the quick risks, the general public security considerations, the costs of keeping exotic animals, and the importance of accountable possession. Their conditions point to a bootleg exotic pet commerce that thrives amidst a patchwork of loose, conflicting laws throughout North America that at the moment are underneath scrutiny within the wake of latest high-profile circumstances of escaped pets.

Nice hub, Melissa, although I’m surprised I didn’t see mention of the Burmese pythons or tegus. You may also want to re-examine for typos and redundancy, and I must observe that there aren’t any native boas to Florida, until you have been speaking in regards to the Caribbean islands resembling Puerto Rico or Aruba, the place the Boa constrictor is invasive and where there usually are native rainbow boas.

Brown basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus)- This species, sometimes generally known as the ‘Jesus lizard’ for its means to run on high of water with nice velocity, was introduced to South Florida in 1976. Populations are confirmed breeding and apparently self-sustaining for 10 or extra consecutive years. They are expanding, with no threats known to natives, nonetheless they prey on smaller vertebrates.

Keep in thoughts that many invasive animals (and vegetation, in fact) originate from other sources such because the live meals market, intentional introduction, escapes (of domesticated animals similar to cats and waterfowl) and journey hitchhikers that might double or triple the numbers of the animals listed here. The animals on this checklist have various results on the environment and with some, none have been noticed.

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