Are Animals Superior To Humans? The Stupidity Of Misanthropy.

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I strongly agree that pets have health advantages and that each one pets must be responsibly cared for. Why should unhealthy pet homeowners penalize those who aren’t? I hoped this hub would make people think more profoundly about pets in captivity. My pets are simply as vital to me as canines are to dog homeowners, but individuals wish to create bans so I even have nowhere to go, or until I can no longer personal them. That has an immense affect on my life, and the principle cause that is taking place is as a result of people are ignorant to their wants in captivity and are uncomfortable about the thought, even if my animals are not any more ‘harmful’ than a canine.

Look around you, watch the TV, learn the information, look to international international locations – look to your subsequent-door-neighbour. There’s animal abuse, torture and neglect all over the place we glance. It’s disgusting, it is heart-wrenching and it is cruel. It can also be incredibly unhygienic and creates a real threat to your well being (particularly if you let your dog within the bed)!

There is not a single definition within the dictionary that defines ‘captive’ as ‘non-domesticated’, so I’m not so sure why you are insisting this logic on to me. Any animal held in captivity is captive. This even applies to people which can be imprisoned. Feral dogs and cats should not captive. Those that live in houses are. Captivity refers to restrainment and that is not debatable. Many ‘domesticated’ animals have returned to the wild. I saw wild turkeys on my way to faculty this morning, and they appear very similar to ‘domestics’. Type in ‘wild cockatiel’ and you will recognize the familiar face from Petcos across the country.

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