7 Most Dangerous Things You Must Keep Away from Pets

Having a pet is certainly a pleasure for animal lovers. When we are tired after coming home from work, seeing the funny behavior of adorable animals at home is certainly an added energy and makes the mood to be happy again. However, raising animals must have certain responsibilities that you must fulfill such as keeping them away from certain objects so that animals are kept healthy and protected from various diseases. Well, here POPBELA will tell you what objects in the house should be kept away from your beloved pet. Let’s just watch it!

  1. Medicines

Medications certainly contain certain substances that can damage the liver function of your pet. Try to put medicine in a place that is rather high, Bela! Its function is so that your pet has difficulty reaching it ..

  1. Chocolate and coffee

A cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake may be important for your breakfast. But, this is not suitable for your love, Bela! Because coffee and chocolate contain methylxanthine. This substance can cause animals to gasp, vomit, convulsions, even death.

  1. Wine

Who would have thought that the grapes that you used to eat turned out to contain high toxicity for your beloved animal, keep the wine you normally eat in the refrigerator, Bela! So that your pet is difficult to reach.

  1. Onions

If you love pets, make sure the onions aren’t in an easily accessible place. Onions can cause damage to red blood cells in animals so they can easily look listless due to anemia.

  1. Insecticides

Keeping plants from pest attacks is certainly very good, but you also don’t forget about your beloved pet, Bela! The reason is that insecticides that you usually use for plants can be toxic to animals because they cause seizures, chronic anorexia and muscle weakness that can occur for months.

  1. Coins

Some coins that contain metal are very dangerous if they are swallowed by your beloved animal, you know! Because the zinc content contained in coins can cause liver damage, kidney and heart failure in animals. So, from now on don’t carelessly put a dime, Bela!

  1. Detergent

Almost all detergents contain chemicals that can cause animal saliva to flow continuously, vomiting, even suffocation. Moreover, the form of a detergent lid that is like a toy makes a pet become anxious to bite it.

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