For far too long, the multibillion-dollar meat industry has been left unaccountable for the harm it causes animals and other stakeholders. US Senator Cory Booker is looking to change that with the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act.

In the United States, federal protections for farmed animals are extremely limited. US Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) hopes to change that with a groundbreaking piece of legislation–the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act.

Animal Equality is among a coalition of animal protection organizations supporting Senator Booker’s ambitious bill. If passed, the Act would hold high-risk meat, dairy, and egg producers accountable—instead of tax-payers—for its reckless operation in the event of large-scale disasters, among other improvements.

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About the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act

The proposed Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act addresses multiple concerns with how the meat industry operates. The Act includes a decrease in the time animals are allowed

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