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Some Essential Phone Numbers to Include in Your Cell Phone

In the present times, a great majority of people have become too reliant on their own gadgets and one of those gadgets that have become very indispensable among their lives includes their smart phones. You see, no matter if you will not be using it and just have it placed on your pocket or be using it to update your social media accounts regularly, what is most important at the end of the day is that you will be able to have it with you at times when you might be needing it most. In addition to the contact details that your phone must have of your family and friends, when the need arises, which people’s contact numbers must be placed on the contact option of your smart phone?

Have an ICE contact inside
When it comes to the contact information found on your own cellphone, you should be able to have your very own ‘in case of emergency’ or ICE number inside. This goes to say that it is a must that you be able to have someone placed under the ICE section of your phonebook so that when something happens to you and someone would need to call a person that would stand for you, then it can just be very easy to find. When your phone does not have this information, it will be very hard for emergency staff, police, and hospital staff to call someone from your phone in case something happens to you. Your ICE phone number can either be your parent, your friend, or your partner; just make sure that they are the type of people who will easily pick up their phone when someone calls them out.

Secure your home number
In the previous years, it can be very easy to remember your home number because it seems the only number that you should know; however, with smart phones being rampant and landline numbers going down, you might not have some idea what your home number already is. By making sure that you have this stored on your phone, you will not have a hard time figuring out how you can get in touch with any person at home. Aside from that, it can also be helpful in providing your home contact information when you are gilling out applications and forms.

Have the police number saved locally
Make sure that on your cellphone, you will be able to find the number of your local police. So, if you have some crimes to report, you can just scroll through your contacts and get in touch with the police right away.

Ensure to have your attorney contact saved
The times are just so unpredictable. You must always save in your phone a contact number of a reliable attorney like Powers McCartan because you just do not know when you will be needing them for certain situations.


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