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How to Choose a Mold Remediation Company After Flood Damage

When it comes to response to flood damage, time is always crucial. Bigger losses can result unless the problem is resolved as soon as possible. Of course, no one but professionals should handle mold removal following flood damage. Below are pointers that will help you locate a good company:

Certifications and Recognitions

The mitigation process has to begin right away, but that doesn’t mean due diligence may not be followed. Don’t hire anybody who simply talks about being certified or accredited but never shows proof. Besides, quality mold removal companies have other specializations, like wiring, plumbing, etc. so they can connect or disconnect pipes or wires as necessary on their own.

Industry Experience

As they always say, experience is the best teacher, and this couldn’t apply more to the mold remediation business.. Before hiring a certain company, make sure you’ve done your research. If they’ve been in business for at least five years, they must be good or they simply won’t survive the competition. After all, this industry has become more competitive than ever. Ask people you know for referrals or do your research online.


When it comes to mold removal, proximity is always crucial. Keep in mind that molds multiply very fast, so the longer it takes the pros to work on your property, the bigger your problem gets. In fact, mold and fungus can start to grow just within two days of flood damage. This can affect not just the walls but also any precious possessions you may have, such as expensive furniture. Obviously, you need to hire a local service, if only to avoid delays because of proximity issues.

Insurance and Bond

To avoid lawsuits in case someone gets injured during the mold removal process, hire professionals who are insured and bonded. Be sure to hire a company that is compliant with all the policies that govern the professional operation of a mold mitigation service. This is a risk you don’t want to take.

Professional Equipment/Tools

What mold removal companies use to eliminate mold infestations are a thousand times more effective than those intended for home use. Before signing any documents, make sure the company uses superior quality tools and equipment, or you probably should just do the task on your own.

Finally, mold removal workers should wear masks, gloves and other protective gear so as to avoid cross-contamination, especially when they deal with water from broken sewerage systems. Protecting themselves is just like protecting you, your family and your entire home, as they are the ones directly in contact with contaminants.

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