Top 10 Wild Animals Of India

Wild AnimalsEver since I was a wee youngster, rooting by way of the dictionary – for lack of anything to read on a rainy day at Great Aunt’s home – I’ve been fascinated by the whole concept of the aardvark. It started with the name, in fact. How strange, the word aardvark, to start with a double letter!

We have tons and many Raccoons! These fascinating and very pretty animals appear to be in all places. If you permit your garbage out at night time, be prepared to have a mess strewn throughout your yard the next day. I actually have watched them open a Pizza box with their fingers” and take out every crumb. I watch them from a wholesome distance as a result of they can carry Rabies.

Great hub on a very unhappy state of affairs. Its too unhealthy that we will lose some or most of these species altogether if issues stay the best way they are now. Interesting and this is give more information about the exotic animal to me and my mates These photos are very useful to my undertaking. I just like the panda ant. THANK YOU HUB. Hi rebecca, thanks so much for reading my Hub on Florida Wildlife. Yep, true story concerning the Alligator and me! Goodnight.

What a wonderful Hub! I just recently read that mosquitoes are one of many harmful creatures in Africa. Crazy, yes? Like me, you reside is a stupendous place surrounded by wildlife. I live method up north in Montana. Where bears, huge cats and especially moose are the dangers. But I would not stay anyplace else! Nice hub loved reading about all the wildlife. Our daughter once saw a Manatee in canal when she was in Florida. She got so excited needed to call and tell us about it. I completely enjoyed this hub and learning about all the wildlife in Florida. Voting up and more and thanks!


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