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Benefits of Having Recruitment Panels

Recruitment can be defined differently in various circles and disciplines. For example in the armed forces, recruitment means enlisting of more soldiers in to the force. In health terms recruitment means the incorporation of cells fetched from other parts of the body in to a tissue or region.

The type of recruitment we will look at in thus dissuasion has to do with business or human resource circles. In business circles, recruitment is when a business aims to find the best qualified candidate for a particular job in the most cost effective manner. Recruitment can either be internal or external most companies enlist the help of human resource personnel to do their recruitment.

The process of hiring new staff can be quite a tasking one. There is the issue of how new staff will merge in to the company. It is for this reason that recruitment be handled by professionals in a serious and careful manner. A company’s resources in terms of money and time are also used up during the recruitment process. A company that has a human resource department can escape this nightmare of recruitment
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There are various stages when it comes to recruiting. First step after identifying a vacant position is to advertise it. Internal announcements for job vacancies are first made by some companies. An external announcement is then made if no one within the company qualifies for that post. Recruitment advertisement are made either on the internet, newspapers, notice boards and more recently they are sent though the mobile phones.
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The recruitment people are then ready to receive hundreds of applications. The selection process for shortlisted candidates may take a while as they sieve though the different qualifications and skills. Calls are then made out to the shortlisted candidates for the first interview. A recruitment panel may have just one person while some may have ten.

The interviewer has the task of getting the vital information from the applicant during the interview. it is not strange for some companies to pick their preferred candidate after the first interview but others go for a second and even third interview. To avoid h looses in terms of cash, time and resources, the company needs to ensure that the right candidate in hired .

To ensure that the recruitment process is smooth and less fearful , a plan should be implemented beforehand. It is necessary that the recruitment panel maintains fairness during the process and that candidate are able to report any problems. All in all recruitment should be a time for a company to make a fresh start by getting their best new hire.


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