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Why Real Estate as an Investment Should Be At the Top of the List.

What’s that? did you mention you needed to make more money There are plenty of opportunities out here to make that happen. Suppose I let you know that there is a way to make your dream a reality. what better news than the fact that it is not rocket science. You will not need anti- depressants for this one. The research has been done for you all you need to do is dig in. You can get enough of it. Weighing just the right amount of money you want to make, real estate.

Before you go running to the hills the art is not that hard . Contrary to what’s out there you don’t have to know everything about real estate. Your job ends with finding a real good real estate agent. How about making that call to your friend Joe and asking about his broker. Congratulations, you have just gotten someone to do the dirty work for you. Apart from the fact that they know real estate better than you, they are also very informed on how to get the best deals especially those that don’t have down payments. More surprises on the way regarding the fees for all their help wait for it, three percent of what you buy it for. You may very much in fact kiss that thought.

You are absolutely paying for it but you may choose to delegate this rather important task. Get a partner who can take care of the bills while you handle the rest of the issues. Instead of seeing what you stand to lose how about focusing on what’s coming in. You can also offer to take over their mortgage but please do pay up to avoid messing with their credit ratings. If they are asking for the down payment your bank might take giving you a loan into consideration. In some instances if you are really good, which you obviously are you can get away with not paying the down payment. Don’t celebrate just yet you still have to pay a little more on the monthly payments. Did I mention you could lease the property you intend to acquire? Now, look whose laughing.

So where is the money? Space meet business, a match made in heaven if you ask me and that’s good news for your pockets. You could always rent out the space especially for a good price if you are keen in creating subunits of your property. If you don’t want to keep it you can always renovate it and sell it at a higher price . Then keep the money or get another piece of property and turn it into a business that you do. Leveraging could the best business tactic you could have ever employed. You could even pay up your current mortgage. Just say I do.

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