Tell Animal Planet To Stop Practicing Animal Cruelty For Ratings

Animal PlanetA fast talker with ashy blond hair and a straightforward chortle, Bailey is a newborn raccoon specialist. She also takes in injured or deserted opossums, otters, and skunks. Though she cares for up to 800 animals yearly—including round 300 child raccoons—she is haunted by the memory of those three gaunt cubs.

Atargatis (Lady goddess of the ocean) was a goddess who makes the mistake, as all gods do in legend, of falling in love with a Sheppard. In a passionate second Atargatis mistakenly kills the sheppard and in ache and disgrace she dives into the ocean bowing never to touch land again. However, as she was pregnant (Baby daddy being the sheppard) the kid got here out half human and half fish, which was what Atargatis herself had reworked as. Of course there are hundreds of legends of how she grew to become half human half fish, because there are at all times other tales!

There is a video out the place two kids found what they thought was a physique on the seaside. Instead it’s a Mermaid and it isn’t very pleased. They declare that the military came and acquired the body. I am a skeptic but I have not discovered anything to discredit it. In truth I had no clue that there’s quite a neighborhood that believes that they exist. Other movies exist.

The average American has solely a 1 in three,800,000 probability of being killed by a shark. You’re extra prone to be killed by a lawnmower or a merchandising machine, and extra prone to be bitten by a stranger on the subway. Like all predators, sharks assist maintain the ocean in balance by eating the sick, the weak, and the dying. However, sharks are affected by overfishing more than most marine species, with 1 in 6 species of shark, skate, or ray (and 1 in three species of open ocean shark) thought-about Threatened with Extinction” by the IUCN Red List.


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