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Pet ScanBombay Hospital acquired the new PET-CT machine Astonish True Flight PET-CT, which is probably the most advanced machine with improved know-how compared to presently present PET-CT scanners in the City.

With a PET scan you might have an injection of a really small quantity of a radioactive drug (tracer) first. The amount of radiation could be very small and does not make you are feeling unwell. It solely stays in the physique for just a few hours. Depending on which drug you may have, the radioactive drug will journey to explicit components of your physique. The most typical drug is fluorine 18, often known as FDG-18. This is a radioactive model of glucose.

Upon arrival on the imaging heart you’ll obtain an injection of radiopharmaceutical, which is able to take roughly 60 minutes to distribute throughout your physique. You can be requested to empty your bladder and then lie down on the scanner bed. The scan takes approximately 15-35 minutes, relying upon the type of scan you might be having and the kind of scanner getting used. It is necessary that you lie still throughout this process. If you need pain treatment please carry it with you. You should plan on being on the imaging facility for roughly 2 to 3 hours.

The advantages of those assessments are often greater than the risks. But you might have many CT scans or other exams with radiation. Tell all of your docs about your scans, so that they know what number of you get. Ask your physician in the event you can have tests with much less radiation. While attenuation-corrected photographs are usually extra faithful representations, the correction process is itself vulnerable to vital artifacts. As a outcome, both corrected and uncorrected photos are always reconstructed and read together.


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