More Reasons To Stop Watching Animal Planet

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Atargatis (Lady goddess of the ocean) was a goddess who makes the error, as all gods do in legend, of falling in love with a Sheppard. In a passionate moment Atargatis mistakenly kills the sheppard and in pain and disgrace she dives into the ocean bowing never to the touch land again. However, as she was pregnant (Baby daddy being the sheppard) the kid got here out half human and half fish, which was what Atargatis herself had transformed as. Of course there are lots of of legends of how she turned half human half fish, as a result of there are always other tales!

Later we see marine biologist Dr Brian McCormick and his workforce which included Dr Robertson get called out to an uncommon whale stranding in South Africa. While there he gets known as out to an ideal white shark which has the messy remains of an unidentified body inside it. It could be cool in the event that they existed….but I am certain the Dugongs you talked about might explain any sightings in our history…very attention-grabbing hub. The follow up to the physique discovered was considered by 3.6 million people making it the most watched programme in the networks historical past.

Wow, what a deep learn. Loved your matter. My only opinion would be: Life does have lots of undiscovered mysteries that not even the most-enlightened secular scientists can unravel to say nothing in regards to the Judeau Christian world who puts down these mysteries as Satanic. Well Mermaids, like Bigfoot, are very attainable as a result of the very Creator of creators, is possible to do anything past our mortal realm.


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