Mermaids Are Real

Animal PlanetOne story in particular entails a trio of raccoon cubs that almost died from being avoided proper care by the production group. When an knowledgeable was contacted, she was advised she needed to conform to filming so as to lengthen her expertise. By the time the cubs were treated, they have been almost lifeless and one in every of them couldn’t be saved. The investigation discovered information that Sharp leisure lied concerning the capture of the raccoons, and that they contacted the knowledgeable a number of days ahead of filming—prolonging the animals’ excessive suffering.

Western culture – again, overall, I do not imply to generalize – is not willing to spend the time or funding on ready for weeks to catch a glimpse of what COULD be the animal they’re seeking. It’s no shock due to this fact that lots of the portrayed circumstances are staged. To satisfy their demographic they may solely show essentially the most exciting or dangerous footage.

The documentary starts with Dr Robertson (Actor) talking about conspiracy theories. He insinuates that the federal government have coated up mermaids. He goes on to say that in 2000 it was proved that the Navy were testing photo voltaic weapons which induced a mass beaching. However he mentioned that many experiences came by way of claiming there was bodies washing up with the whales.

It is extensively believed that many of the mermaid sightings can be defined away as mistaking what we all know as Sirenia, or sea cows. The two most common sorts are dugong and manatees. It could be easy to confuse these creatures from a distance as a mermaid. They have two forelimbs that might easily be mistaken as arms and so they have the identical tail that mermaids are claimed to have. So, it is believed that they are misidentified as mermaids once they come up for air.


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