Keeping Rats As Pets, Information And Pictures

Pet RatI by no means considered getting a rat for a pet but since we have now had several pet rats over time I even have discovered that there are definitely some things you ought to be fascinated with getting a pet rat.

Shredded Paper: This is an affordable option. Newspaper or other paper could be ripped up and used as bedding but must be modified often because it gets mushy when moist. If utilizing paper with ink be sure the ink is non toxic. Also bear in mind that gentle coloured rats will look soiled and dingy from the ink. In some locations it’s potential to get unprinted newspaper to shred.

Cedar or Pine Bedding: Though bought at many pet shops and department stores softwood shavings akin to cedar and pine bedding are usually not good decisions for rat bedding. Softwood shavings ought to NEVER be used as a result of they contain TOXIC chemical substances referred to as phenols. These chemical substances trigger repertory issues. These chemical compounds are also what give off the robust aromatic scent that covers up urine odors. This has lead to their recognition as a rodent and small animal bedding but be aware it might make your pet ill.

Of course we count on to have a special persona than our gender-opposite (a minimum of somewhat) so why should not female and male rats have distinctive personalities? National Fancy Rat Society agrees and tells us that females are typically more outgoing and adventurous, whereas some male rats could develop into lazy couch potatoes – true dat!


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