Keeping Fancy Rats

Pet RatReally suppose this through. Although much lower maintenance than the typical pet, a small critter isn’t one thing that must be tossed in a cage and only considered in passing every now and then. I see this very often with hamsters, and in truth, it is probably why most hamsters don’t care for their humans and are liable to biting. But I digress… in contrast to hamsters, rats don’t wish to be left alone. Rats are in a completely different league.

Your greatest wager is to ask the pet retailer where they get their rats. If they don’t know, or can’t provide you with a concrete reply, they’re most likely getting them from mills. If they’re getting them from a non-public source, they should have the ability to let you know their breeder’s title, and presumably a solution to contact them to direct inquiries to them so that you could make an knowledgeable choice concerning their specific stock.

Rats are relatively simple to care for and make great pets for these in residences or folks that do not have the time to spend strolling a dog. With the right setup and lots of love you and your furry pal can spend three to 5 nice years collectively. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a rat may be very quick and as a result of destructive stigma attached to these critters, some might spend their whole lives in a pet retailer ready for their eternally houses.

Well, okay; but maybe these guys are just…effectively, a backwoods farm, like they are saying. That stands out as the case (and I’m not going to argue something, after studying over their webpage fairly totally), but they do not seem out of line with other rodent farmers I’ve come across. The normal housing system appears to be tub or small cage setups 2-3 rats per cage with moms saved with their young; these are stacked in shelves. Rats are fed rodent blocks and produce, with water bottles stored accessible.


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