Is Animal Planet’s Fatal Attractions Fair?

Animal Planetthey have been organized into courses. Each animal class is made up of animals which might be alike in necessary ways. There are many kinds of animal courses and each has a name. Every kind of animal belongs to one of the classes. This lense will present the sorts of animals that belong to each of the six most important lessons.

The consumer demographic that Animal Planet is now targeting – don’t even start me on A&E’s sudden obsession with how hunting is now suitable ‘entertainment’ for household timeslots – is a way more stimulation-demanding viewers than the standard David Attenborough worshippers of yesteryear (my lifelong idol). It’s unhappy, but that is the age we reside in.

They then go on to describe the Aquatic Ape idea. According to the Aquatic Ape Theory states that roughly 6-7 million years in the past, our ape ancestors have been trapped in a semi-aquatic surroundings. This pressured them to seek for food in the water and become very snug within the water; over time altering their our bodies to be simpler within the water. The theory says that a founder population of apes got remoted on an island-like setting when East Africa flooded. So if a population obtained isolated, they would wish to take to the ocean for survival. It took whales 50-60 million years to go from totally terrestrial animals to fully adapted aquatic animals.

A month later, the National Ocean Service, a department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, released a statement due to all the general public inquiries and the chance that some viewers may have mistaken the progam as a reliable documentary. In the assertion they declared that no proof of aquatic humanoids has ever been discovered.


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