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How Motion Control Changed the World?

Motion control is basically an engineering technology which encompasses various industries. As what discussed by the pros, motion control system is just about anything that involves moving parts in a controlled manner. Believe it or not, most of technology covered under mechanical engineering is design as well as implementation of motion control systems. Following are the important things that you ought to know regarding motion control.

Number 1. It’s part of your life – you may not realize it by now but in your every day life, you are using it. Both gears and motors can be found virtually everywhere. If you are living in a city, motion controls systems such as dc gear motors that are operating buses and mass transit trains, elevators and even the coffee machine you’re using in the office. In a suburban environment however, motion control systems may be found in escalators and cars etc.

Heading over to industrial purposes, procedure automation is the main function of motion control systems. There are many companies that are turning to robotics as well as conveyor systems in order to attain better efficiency margins in both assembly as well as production.

Number 2. The market is expected to balloon – there have been studies that by 2022, the motion control market is going to be a 22-billion dollar industry. The main driving factor for this industry is the machinery and metal manufacturing. The reason for this is that, top performing companies seek new methods to further improve their accuracy and speed together with improved production. Other drivers are deemed to maximize product assembly and the ac motor market.

Number 3. Robotics are the next generation of motion system – there are various industrial businesses that have integrated robots in their operation which is why it’s foreseen to hit 22-billion dollar by 2022. To efficiently handle material movement as well as carts, warehouses are installing robots in their facility. Robots are extensively used by these companies by programming it to assist human operators with regards to product delivery and production. Believe it or not, robots are being used as well to carry out more delicate and sensitive procedures like service robots and surgical robots.

Number 4. Motion control systems fuel the medical industry – medical industry has a specific requirement for the application especially the ability to achieve precise control. There are tons of uses for motion system in medicines such as implementation for transplanted mechanical valves, bionic prosthetics and many more. Basically, a large portion of medical jobs in the world are slowly taken over by robots for better healthcare and higher success rates of operations.

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