Behind The Scenes At Animal Planet

Animal PlanetI’m not naive to the realities of reality shows, but I do consider that channels like Animal Planet, channels that invoice themselves as educational programming, have a duty to present truth-based programming. I also imagine the general public has an inexpensive expectation that Animal Planet’s programming is at the very least honest within the occasions it portrays. Whale Wars is not Storage Wars I’m additionally not a reality TV hater, and imagine that it is attainable to create compelling, academic programming in that format. After all, had it aired right this moment, the Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau would have been categorized as a actuality show.

Germany and Scandinavia: As early as 1180 to 1210 the German Nix or Nixe is said to lure people into the water to drown. A Nixe is a sort of mermaid and mermen who’re connected to the Danube River in central Europe. The males are form shifters taking the type of fish, snake and human. The feminine is alleged to be stunning with a fishtail. The Scandinavians call the merman a Nix who plays an enchanting violin tune to entice women and kids into the lake to drown. The Nix can be a form shifter.

There are medical examples where Human Beings are born with fused legs, this is called Mermaids syndrome, or Sirenomelia, one of the rarest conditions recognized to man. This occurs when the Foetus fails to develop usually under the waist. This ends in the fusion of the lower limbs. Although most die within a number of hours of being born there are these uncommon instances like Shiloh Pepin who died on October 24 at the age of ten.

India: Chhattisgarh (part of Dakshin Kosal) was a colony of Kosala kings identified to be the Chhattisgarh state and western Orissaa area of India. It is very wealthy in rock work starting from the Mesolithic to Historical period. Dating back to 30,000 BC the sites rock work are of mermaids, snakes, birds, kangaroo-like animals, dancing men and hunting scenes.


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