Animal Planet

Animal PlanetMost people at present believe that mermaids are pure mythology, as a result of as scientists inform us, a girl with a fishtail is a biological impossibility.

The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis is the idea that people lived by the shore for 10,000s to one hundred,000s years and spent lots of time within the ocean waters fishing, diving and swimming. Later humans moved to the savanna and where quite bodily different than the ape (Darwin’s Theory). In principle, it is believed that bipedalism, hairlessness and other traits developed when human and ape traces first deviated.

The influence could also be additionally wider than simply the Discovery network. Quality” documentaries similar to Planet Earth, or Frozen Planet etc, can not be produced by the BBC Natural History Unit alone; they require co-financing from worldwide companions similar to Discovery. So if fiction is in vogue with those companions, it could be hard to persuade them to invest in the kind of epic, real documentaries that inspired many of us as children.

Duram Castle in Duram, England: Built around 1078, the Norman Chapel has one of many earliest illustrations of a mermaid in England. The mermaids are carved on an awesome Norman stone pillar that is located on the south face of the castle. English mermaid tales (or myths) vary; some are as massive as 2,000 feet (610 m)and a few swim upstream to fresh water lakes. The mermaid is described as both unfortunate and useful depending on the legend.


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