Animal Jam Review

Animal Jam GameNational Geographic Animal Jam is a rarity as a successful children digital world. The on-line world is saying right this moment that it has reached a million registered gamers in seven months.

Avoid this web site. It all started when my daughter had her account hacked and all of her items, pets, dens and so on have been stolen or deleted out of her account. We have discovered that one other child copied her password when she logged in. Animal jam customer support refused to restore any of her stolen objects and provided a token credit. Very, very poor customer service. Further, now that I actually have been dialed into the sport more carefully, content is very inappropriate and poorly monitored. AVOID THIS SITE, NOT FOR KIDS!!!!

Monthly memberships are $5.95 and annual memberships are $59.95. The cool factor is that greater than 50 p.c of players are changing to active registered customers, in comparison with the same old number of around 30 p.c. And while solely 3 % typically convert to paid memberships, the company says that a considerably increased percentage are converting to paid memberships. The members come from 172 completely different international locations.

I created an account as an 8 12 months old boy to show my daughter the danger of this game in the absence of parental steerage. Once we entered the sport we saw about 20 other animals (this means strangers!!). One was named Outdoor Plumbing, which is a phallic reference. That is an ADULT with a PHALLIC REFERENCE for a participant title on a childrens game making an attempt to TALK TO CHILDREN. I noticed a baby predator inside one minute of coming into the sport. We logged off because my level had been made very quickly, and I cancelled my new account.


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